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Tasked with comping in the lead player and scaling to ensure realistic main focus.


  • Remove background

    • Select subject, refine mask.

  • Move to main image and blend

    • Multiple adjustment layers to brighten and match look and feel.​

    • Attention to detail, match cyan light on side of face, bring out logo details and colour match.

  • Add smoke

    • Smoke taken from other part of the main image and overlayed/blended.
      A mix of cloning, healing on
      multiple layer opacities until desired result.​

Remove background, mask hair


  • Remove background

    • Select subject (select menu) use refine edge brush around hair and click 'Decontaminate Colors'

    • Refine further with brush or clipping path to fill/remove any edge defects around body

  • Colour

    • Mask out sweater and desaturate to remove purple hue, colour balance to new background

  • New background

    • 2 x colour fill layers, mask off top yellow layer and add slight filter, distort - twirl.​

Simplify shot, removal of chips and coke, extend background


  • Extend background

    • Content aware fill, clone and heal on multiple layers, then merge. Keep horizon straight

  • Remove chips and coke

    • Create clipping path, mask main bucket and wrapping

    • Clone and heal out chips and coke

    • Ensure Colonel KFC logo is complete where chip was sat

    • Copy right top wrapper edge, flip and love to left top edge to fill where the chips sat. Liquefy so it looks a different shape

    • Tidy bucket print

Extend background, blend with supplied, create handle and tidy


  • Extend background to both sides

    • Extend canvas, place background support image layer
      on top, erase tool to blend in

    • Clone and heal to further blend

    • Adjustment layers to match hue, shadows and highlights

  • Cutting board handle

    • Clipping path around most of handle

    • Copy and paste to new layer

    • Content aware scale to stretch out to left edge.


Elevate stock track day car shot


  • Extend background

    • Content aware fill, clone (vanishing point for fence and clone/heal on multiple layers, then merge. (look out for repeat patterns)

  • Number plate removal

    • Create clipping path, around shape of bumper. Mix of clone and paint brush to fill, inverse mask, clone grill

    • Clone and heal out chips and coke

  • Body colour change

    • Hue saturation and various adjustment layers. Detail and shadow enhanced on body and interior

  • Mood

    • Various adjustment layers, blend modes and overall sharpen.

Cutout and tidy web product shot


  • Remove background

    • Clipping path, ensure box is straight on to camera

    • Add shadow, layer effect and tweak with layer fill and brush

  • Tidy chocolate

    • Clone and heal chocolate defects, crumbs

    • Adjustment layers and clone to reduce highlights on tray

  • Colour

    • Increase contrast

    • Colour balance chocolates

    • Box colour to guidelines

    • Bring out glitter/sparkle, sharpen and adjustment layers

Dining table merge and tidy


  • Merge with another shot (Not enough chairs for full shot)

    • Overlay separate shot, transform to match

    • Mask and brush in chairs

  • Remove tissues under chair legs

    • Path around chair legs, create selection, invert, mask and create group

    • Add later and clone/heal, different opacities

  • Add berries and foliage

    • New layer, create round shape, shading/light to make 3D. copy and paste blurring some for out of focus area

    • overlay alternative shot with foliage and masks in

General web and print work 

Click on the images to see the original (desktop)

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